Revision Ramblings: The Next Adventure


I am writing this because it’s 18.30 on a Friday and I am the last person sat in Queen’s café on campus, getting myself in a tiz about my French listening exam in FOUR DAYS and Alex has just invited me to share photos to a folder on Facebook of our trip to Brussels last summer along with Teagan.

Scrolling through those photos has actually managed to get me out of my head a little. It has been so easy these past couple of months to be absorbed by this world of grades and really not see the bigger picture. Travelling makes me so happy. I don’t find the rigmarole of airports stressful or boring if anything I find it quite relaxing, the promise of the next adventure.

Anyone who studies languages will know the struggle of being graded, particularly post-year abroad, when you got your bloody NIE after three months of back and fourth to the police station in Spain but alas I misuse pronouns when writing speeches in class. I study languages because I love culture. I love learning about people and understanding the differences between our lives and how that varies from country, to region, to town, to barrio (what’s the bloody English word? Another issue). I study Spanish because I was never quite ready to give up, I tried Italian because when I applied to university I found out that with just a simple tick of a box I could, it was that easy, I later switched this to French because when I was sixteen my back up plan in life was to get a one way ticket to France, buy a phrase book and a sewing machine, sell clothes and eat croissants. I never bought that ticket so I had to pacify her with something. Sitting in a classroom is not when I’m at my happiest, wandering the streets of a new city is.

I have no idea where this post was supposed to go. But anyway, I think it’s important to think about the things that make you happy and the things you are constantly striving towards. Sometimes we can’t jet off when we want. I do want a language degree and I will get one but it’s important to remember that there is so much more out there. And to quote Oprah sometimes you have to do what you need to do so that you can do what you want to do. Or something wise along those lines.

The promise of the next adventure awaits whatever it is and I know it’s going to be a good one.


You're my Copper Valentine


Whether you plan on spending Valentine’s day with the girls and too much tequila or you have a (slightly) better half to spend it with, it’s impossible not to be attracted to all the shimmer and pink hues. Unable to stay away from soft eye shadows and peachy lips I grabbed a few of my favourite products and put together little Valentine’s make up look.

I’ve recently returned to the L’oreal True Match foundation which I completely abandoned last season as I felt my skin really needed a little extra glow. Now that it doesn’t feel quite as cool I’m enjoying this ever so slightly lighter base as it still offers good coverage. I kept my face fairly simple with a brightening concealer and some soft contour. I always fill in my brows and have been using the Seventeen Brow’s That! I picked this up for around five pounds not expecting much but I absolutely love it when I want a bit of a change from my usual pencil. The kit has a gel to line, shadow to fill and a highlighter to enhance. Okay, so it takes a few coats and it won’t replace my Soap and Glory favourites when it comes to drugstore brow products but the more I play around with it the more I like it, especially for such a low price.

I never really got over last year’s copper craze and I think it works perfectly for this time of year. I covered my lid in High from the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette then took Chopper from Naked 2 through the crease and blended up to my brow bone. For a bit more definition I blended Dirty Sweet, Smoky, above the lash line and added mascara. For something a bit more dramatic a slick of liquid liner would look great or I’d maybe add some false lashes on a night out. I added a bold pink lip for a pop of Valentine colour. This Max Factor Colour Elixir, shade English Rose, definitely wouldn’t withstand the kiss test but it is fairly lasting and I love the shimmer.

This look is a great base for Valentine’s Day. Add a little more or change up the lip colour to work day and night depending on what Cupid has planned for you.

Products Used
L’oreal True Match Foundation
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Kiko 3D Light and Glow Highlighter
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Seventeen Brow’s That!
Urban Decay Smoky Palette
Urban Decay Naked 2
Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in 04 Pink Princess
Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in 510 English Rose

Pantone's Colour of 2017 in your Wardrobe


A new year means new trends and at the end of December Pantone announced their colour of 2017: Greenery.
The perfect colour to invigorate the new year and as many have pointed out, a colour of hope which may be needed in the aftermath of 2016 bites tongue on Brexit. This is the reviving yellow-green of picnic lawns and yes I know there’s still a glass of mulled wine in your hand but it’s okay to look ahead to that Pimms. Greenery proved popular on the catwalks for S/S17 so here’s a little look at what your wardrobe can look forward to.
Tory Burch showcased some elegant looks on the catwalk back in September fashion week. Green featured intricate patterns on wide legged trousers and pussy bows, both styles were favoured by the high street and on the catwalk in autumn 2016.  The traditional Chanel jacket evokes a Blair Waldorf feel, dressed down with some slick trainers. Burch’s greens are clean and chic. She demonstrates how this colour can be used to induce sophistication.
Balenciaga took a different approach, ‘Florals? for Spring? Groundbreaking’ does come to mind but Balenciaga makes it bold. Scattered on this brash green dress are flowers in red, orange and purple. This clash of colours injects the spring scenery with some more fun. The ease of the material harks to the seventies style which returns for another season, complimented further by the model’s block fringe.
Versace showed off Greenery in their coats. Anoraks are set to be the coat of the season as fashion continues to play with active wear. The cut on this mac is sharp, and we see the theme of female empowerment reflected. The blocked green acts as a statement of power, varying from its floral, relaxed designs.
Pantone seem to have made a good choice where fashion is concerned. Greenery is versatile and tailors various designs and themes for the catwalk which are sure to feature in our high street stores.
What do you think of the colour and how do you see it hanging in your wardrobe?
-Hattie Cotmore

Sleigh, Girl: Festive Make up Inspiration


‘Tis the season for velvet dresses, metallic accordion pants and maybe a tulle skirt or two. Once you’re clad in sequins and you’ve styled your Christmas curls the next important thing is how to dress your eyes. I’ve put together a few looks together in case you’re after some inspiration to get you through the festive period.
                                             Dinner and Drinks
The week after Christmas is always exciting dashing around seeing friends and family and fitting in movie days with the leftovers. It’s the best excuse to dress up in something sparkly, or if you’re having a pyjama day why not just add a little sparkle to your eye make up.

For this look I used a collection of shimmering eye shadows starting with a silver. Cover your lid and blend up to your brow bone. It’s fun to play with shades in this look, silver acts as a perfect base for any other colours. I opted for a sparkling blue blending it into the crease about halfway along my eyelid. I then blended a complimentary grey in the crease and brushed a little on my lower lash line, then added a slick of black liquid liner. Finished with a few layers of mascara this would stand out even more with some fake lashes. This is a simple but festive look and you can easily opt for different colours to match your Christmas getup.
Products used: Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette shade Verve, Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette shades; Slanted and Dagger, Chanel Écriture de Chanel Eyeliner Pen, Benefit They’re Real Mascara

New Year’s Eve

hattie-3A festive season can’t go by without a smoky eye look. New Year’s Eve is the most exalted night of the year. It’s a night for Prosecco-induced dancing and stealing a kiss at midnight. In the air hangs the hope for the new year and it’s all pretty damn magical, as your eye make up should be.

As much as I love using shimmery products, such as in the look before, there’s something about a matte smoky eye that I love. I brushed a white shadow all over the lid and into the crease, any pale shadow would work here. I then took a taupe into the crease and blended it slightly up to my brown bone, a grey or purple shadow would also work. On top of this I took a heavy black and blended the two, taking the black along my lower lash line as well. To make my eyes pop I sculpted a cat eye with a liquid liner. Add some mascara and a bold dark lip and you’re ready for whatever the new year will bring. There’s just something about a smoky eye and a flick of liner that makes me feel like I can do anything.
Products used: Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette shades; Thirteen and Password, Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette shade Blackout, Chanel Écriture de Chanel Eyeliner Pen, Benefit They’re Real Mascara

New Year’s Day

Whilst many of us will start the new year with a hangover I’m sure we’ll quickly be up vowing 
to go jogging and drink green stuff. It might not last but it’s the thought that counts, right? To match our fresh new outlook, a fresh make up look. A dewy foundation and glowing highlighter is just the trick for the new year complete with a bright eye look.

With a matte white I covered my eyelid. I then took a copper brown through the crease of my eye and blended it up towards my brown bone. Using a thin flat brush, I lined my upper and lower lash lines to widen the eye. After making sure the shadow was blended in the crease I added a few licks of mascara. Bronzed cheeks and nude lips work best with this brightening look. And now you’re ready to take on the hangover.
Products used: Urban Decay Pulp Fiction Palette shades; Righteous, Tyranny and Vengence, Benefit They’re Real Mascara
I hope this has given you a little make up inspiration for the season whether you prefer some sparkle or a smoky eye. What are your favourite festive make up looks and which products could you not do without?
-Hattie Cotmore

Have Yourself a Merry Lush Christmas: Event and Product Review


This November, we felt extremely lucky to be invited to a Lush press event, which showcased their Winter collection. Lush Exeter assistants: Elsa, Lucy, and Adam were fantastic hosts, and had a true zeal for the products and informed knowledge on Lush’s ethical sourcing which, for us, really gave the kaleidoscope of gorgeous bath bombs, creams, and gels a new value. We want to share all of our favourite items from the evening with you, and our new Lush knowledge.As all Lush lovers will agree, the sensation when you walk into a Lush shop is unlike any other. You are immediately hypnotised by the abundance of fun and feisty products, all of which possess a quirky name. No, you do not need a “Razzle Dazzle”but it sounds so cute that you should most definitely buy one. Walking in to check out the new collection was no exception. A group of giddy Lush-obsessed bloggers fawned over the bells and the sparkles and exclaimed which ones we had tried and which ones we wanted to before we settled down to listen to the experts. The collection is not what you might expect. Lush have discarded the typical Christmas tree greens and cinnamon reds this year and are making winter a little brighter. In all of the range you can find Pop Art colours, a fun change to the usual dark winter vibe. There are, of course, some classics in store again “The Magic of Christmas” wand and “Snow Fairy”,  will always be unbeatable, but there are some new products that really stood out for us.
Never Mind the Ballistics does not look like a winter bath bomb. It evokes a mirage of strawberry daiquiris on a beach in the Bahamas and somehow that just works. The bomb is blocked in yellow and pink and its ingredients include Fair Trade cocoa butter and fresh bananas which give it a fresh and fruity scent and soft feel on the skin. We were lucky enough to see a demonstration of Never Mind the Ballistics in store and it continued to fizz for at least twenty minutes, vivaciously colouring the water and proving difficult to take your eyes off. Never Mind the Ballistics is £4.25 so a similar price to the usual bath bombsand is great as a stocking filler.
If you’re after something a little more tinsel-inducing, make a beeline for the “Santasaurus” bubble bar. Of course, the Snow Fairy wand is a winter favourite, but this new addition is the cutest yet. Shaped like a dinosaur and wearing a Santa hat, this is a product that really brings the range into the festivities. All you have to do is run this little guy under the tap and watch the bubbles grow. All of the bubble bars can be used more than once which makes them quite a steal at £5.95, and a perfect gift for children and big kids alike. The use of Brazilian Orange Oil and Bergamot Oil bring refreshing citrus notes to the bath, perfect for a little winter relaxation.
Whilst I would love to bang on about the whole range I will leave you with just one more must-have. “Sleepy is a beautiful new body lotion, captioned very accurately: ‘all is calm, all is bright’. A gentle oatmeal infusion and calming lavender tone prove a perfect combination of musk and floral scent. The smell is extremely similar to “Twilight, a personal favourite Lush bath bomb. A bath with “Twilight”, followed by “Sleepy and some new Christmas pyjamas is how December evenings should be spent. The lotion comes in two sizes, 95g at £7.95 and 215g a £13.95 and we are already wishing we’d treated ourselves to the larger size as it will definitely become a new long-standing favourite.
lush 3.jpg
What’s more is that all of Lush’s produce is vegetarian, however they are currently shifting to become more and more vegan – in fact, the Halloween and Winter collections are the first ever Lush series to be completely vegan. Furthermore, this year their collection is entirely self-preservable. What is most astounding about Lush products (along with the rich colours, glitter, and delicious smells of course) is that there is quite often a story behind their individual creations. One example is Lush’s choice to buy their cocoa beans from a group of 2,100 farmers that have pledged themselves to a position of non-violence in the civil war which has plagued Colombia for six years. In the backdrop of violence, intimidation, and uncertainty this community still exists in harmony with their surroundings, and Lush not only buys their cocoa beans but have helped them dry, store, and export them – in the past, the community has been robbed and lost everything. Lush’s soap, “Peace, and popular body lotion, “Charity Pot, are two of the products that are made from these same beans, and their names reflect their genial origins. If you would like to know more about Lush’s ethical sourcing, be sure to pick up their latest magazine.
Lush’s unwavering commitment to the communities in which they buy from, and continuous research into how to ensure their products are completely natural, is admirable in what is becoming an increasing globalised world which forgets the people, animals, and environment that are damaged in the pursuit of cheap (and quite often toxic) cosmetics. We hope you enjoy their Winter collection as much as we did – they are perfect for cute Christmas pressies for both your friends and family… and not forgetting those ‘from me, to me’ kind of presents now that the dark evenings and deadlines are setting in.
Good job, Lush!
-Hattie Cotmore and Chrissi Lewes



Good evening lovelies,

So after waiting around twenty four hours for my vlog to upload (I wish I was exaggerating) and having to play around with it my birthday vlog is finally here! I'm so sorry it's late but it's one that I'm proud of! I had such a lovely birthday weekend and I'm so glad that I'll have this to look back on and remember it. I've been so lucky this year and I hope you've enjoyed being part of this through my blog! Let me know what you think of my birthday posts and if you enjoy the vlog! Don't forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. Leave links to your vlogs below so I can check them out I love having new YouTube channels to watch!


BIRTHDAY EDIT #3 : Gifted Jewellery


I absolutely love reading blog posts and watching YouTube videos on what people get for their birthday. Maybe I'm just nosey but I also find it can be a good source of inspiration when you are looking to buy someone a gift or if you want to treat yourself. I feel so spoilt this year and got some gorgeous presents. I thought I'd show you a few jewellery pieces I got for my birthday! It might give you some ideas if you need some or if you're just here because, like me, you're a bit nosey then fair play, I like you, feel free to snoop around.

The first thing I am dying to show you is my Kate Spade watch! I'd never massively been a watch person. I wanted one but I knew I wasn't going to buy one for myself and I would never be able to make a decision on what I wanted. George said he wanted to get me something that I could keep for a long time, with it being my twenty first. It is SO pretty. I love the little details Kate Spade includes in all of her designs. The watch has the classic spade on the face and on the back says 'live colorfully', a classic Kate Spade quote. I have ridiculously small wrists but on the tightest notch this fits perfectly with just a little space for it to comfortably move. It's such a simple classic deign that I feel it works with every outfit I wear, adding just a little chic touch.

I also got a couple of necklaces. I wear necklaces nearly everyday. I like delicate charms as I feel not every outfit needs a statement piece of jewellery. My parents got me this lovely 'H' necklace from Orelia. It's gold plated and not very long in length, hanging just below my collar bones, which I find is best for subtle necklaces and it will usually just be seen. The chain looks very delicate which I like as it's not the focal aspect but it's strong enough that I'm confident it won't break with wear.

I received a necklace from George's sister, Lucy, from Oliver Bonus. Oliver Bonus is just a shop baring a never-ending lust list for me. I love everything they sell from books to furniture, it's all so dreamy. The necklace is in silver and a small circle falls from the chain engraved with my initials 'HM' (everyone obviously wants me to remember my name). Again, it's very subtle which I like. I also love that the letters are bold, detracting from the daintiness. It can be worn with everything, just adding a little shine.

Both necklaces have worn well so far and I've been wearing one or the other most days, doubling them with others I have when I want to draw a little more attention.

I have been so so lucky and spoilt this year and I am endlessly grateful. These were just a few things I wanted to show you! Comment below with some of your favourite gifts!


PS. I know that the first image is quite juxtaposed to the others but I got a bit too excited about all the snazzy packaging and sequins and the unicorn card my parents got me so

BIRTHDAY EDIT #2 : What I wore


As promised I am back again to chat about my clothes. The plan wasn't to get onto my birthday outfit post this early in the week but I just can't help myself. 

The evening before my birthday George and I went shopping. He compared the trip to what we refer to as 'The Day at the Trafford Centre', which I won't go into, just know it was a very very long day of sale shopping on which I did not buy anything and I think George is quite traumatised from this. My birthday eve I went with a plan, the plan was basically to buy everything in Zara. Alas, I hated everything I saw.

Obviously I woke up on my birthday and immediately regretted this. I had started out with the wrong attitude, every good shopper has been there. And I wanted it all. I especially wanted one of their S/S faux leather jackets. I opted for the Sky Blue but I adore the yellow and pastel pink. I ran across the road, after a few glasses of breakfast prosecco, and got spendy. The first thing I made a beeline for was the jacket. 

Okay so it was about thirty degrees and a leather jacket was completely unnecessary for a beach trip but it was my birthday and I just bought a jacket I was hopelessly in love with. The colour is perfect for summer as it really brightens up any outfit. It's vivid enough to stand out without looking cheap which I feel can be a difficult balance. Here I threw it on with last year's Zara cotton midi skirt and a white tee. With my oversized sunglasses I felt chic but relaxed for an afternoon in the sun.

At first I wasn't convinced by all the zips and pockets. However, on I barely notice them and they can be quite handy. Even the belt has become a feature I really like but you can easily take it off if you fancy a simple change. It looks great over an all white outfit but I think it could look fab on top of all black or a simple jeans and shirt outfit. It's one of those pieces that immediately lifts your outfit whilst looking completely effortless.

Having something new to wear on my birthday made me excited about my look and it's something I feel really good in which makes all the difference. Leave your thoughts below! Let me know your birthday go-tos!


                        Jacket - Zara // Sunglasses - ASOS (Similar) // Skirt - ASOS (Similar)

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