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Sunday, 3 December 2017

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December is without a doubt my favourite month of the year. I live for sleigh bells, for the thrill of one snowflake, the first mulled wine, staying ‘Home Alone’ and donning a Christmas jumper, fairy lights everywhere. I mean the lights alone are enough to love the festive season. Basically I am an ambassador for Christmas and something I really love is plotting and searching for the perfect gifts for my friend and family (and planning a wrapping scheme - I’ve spied a fa-la-la-la-Llama paper, watch this space).

Pandora Sykes X Warehouse

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I love autumn. It's an overly-cliché cinnamon candles burning, kicking up the dusty orange leaves, watching The Addams Family as soon as Halloween is mentioned kind of love. And if there is one highlight of the season it’s the clothes. The knits and the leather and the chunky boots. Don’t get me started on faux furs, in fact jackets of any kind need a whole blog of their own. I am always on the prowl for the best high street buys and something that has caught my eye is ‘Pandora Curates’ at Warehouse.

Warehouse is somewhere I seldom shop for no other reason than habit. I am well versed on Zara stock, as many know, I will always have a soft spot for Topshop and I definitely wouldn’t mind my wardrobe looking like And Other Stories. No, Warehouse has never been a ‘let’s have a browse’ go to, until now. Fashion journalist, podcaster and all round girl crush Pandora Sykes has teamed up with Warehouse to curate 8 looks with 25 pieces from their current collections. The showcase itself is wonderfully presented. Images of Pandora in each look are shot in bespoke settings with a summary from the curator on the key trends she has chosen. This is overlaid with small, silent video clips, cut from the full 51 second film in which we see Pandora on shoot. Cue Pandora with a backdrop of millennial palm leaf or a vintage record player, a quixotic world of style. The camera is never completely still as Pandora injects energy into each look, showcasing the movement and personality of each style because we can have ‘different feelings for different days’. Amen. I have already (mentally) shopped the whole edit. I thought I would share a few of my favourite looks, although I wish I was showing them all hanging in my wardrobe.

Is this THE Zara buy of the season?

The outfit I will never wear again…

Sunday, 17 September 2017

When I was six years old I was a ballerina. Okay so not in the Pina Bausch kind of way, in the Grade One, aced my Teddy Bear Roll kind of way. But I was six so by all accounts I was a ballerina. Now we ballerinas had it okay in terms of our get up. We wore dusty pink leotards so I was quite happy with that. Our skirts, doused in snowdrops, fluttered as we plié-d and our satin feet would be embellished with a gold star for every perfect point. It was elegant. It was classic. It was ballet. But you know what? It just wasn’t what those damn tap dancers wore.

Oh the tap dancers. They were in the room just across the hall. After our class had taken a bow and trotted out of the studio I had to watch as the tap class lined up ready for some kick-ball-changes, or whatever it was they did because I wouldn’t know because I did ballet and I wore a pink leotard. In tap, oh in tap, you got to wear a metallic sky blue UNITARD. A unitard, just like Britney NB. This was the nineties and we loved Britney, in fact we still love Britney. And they wore bright white tap shoes that laced up the front. You always knew a tap girl was headed your way when you heard the sound of those shoes sashaying. I wanted to be a tap girl, I wanted the world to know I was about to turn the corner. Yes, we ballet dancers might’ve flurried around with scarves that smelt distinctly like your grandma’s perfume but the tap class could click and clack all over the room, jazz hands and all. We were cute, we were polished but the tap costume was a little bolder, brasher, a whole lot more in your face. I just wanted to be that sassy.

Naturally Imperfect: Cask Fashion Line 2017

Sunday, 10 September 2017

“The target audience is defined by the brand as being permanently trapped on the line between the ‘girl’ and the ‘woman’”, I read on fashion brand Cask’s most recent press release. “…Despite being confident and accepting their (the target audience’s) vulnerability, faces life with rebelliousness”. Sofia Coppola’s protagonists are conjured to the front of my mind, restless, kind of unruly and fun but a girl who isn’t really sure where she stands in womanhood. Ever prevalent in a post-feminist world where girls and women are constantly scrutinised by the media and their peers, especially in fashion. A woman is often seen as whatever she is wearing. Casqueiro addresses this in-between with a collection intended to show that the human body is unique and we all deserve to feel comfortable in it.

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