Sunday Morning: French Toast

Sunday, 10 May 2015

When it comes to breakfast I´m not a culinary genius. I stick to what I like, what I know and generally what´s healthy. This usually comes in two different forms; eggs and porridge. Eggs call for their own scrapbook of recipes. I like sunny side up I like them scrambled, I really like them poached. In short eggs are great and what better way to indulge without the guilt than using them for some Sunday French Toast. And for a special occasion (it was my birthday last week) why not accompany it with a glass of prosecco? Talk about student life.

What They Wore: Kate Middleton

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Whether or not you’re a monarchist you can’t deny you weren’t just that little bit curious about yesterday’s royal addition. Whilst we speculate what the new Princess shall be named we can’t help but fawn over Kate’s appearance post-labour. Although I’m quite certain it was a stalk that brought the Princess as no one can look that flawless the same day as giving birth, surely?

Image Credit: International Business Times
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