Five Minutes in Venice


Firstly sorry there hasn't been a lot popping up recently. I've been all over the shop travelling and trying to get over the fact that I'm moving to Spain in three weeks??

Some Bloody Exciting News


As you may or may not know as part of my language degree I'll be going abroad from October to May. I applied to work with British Council as a language assistant in a Spanish school and was very excited to be accepted and placed in the Basque Country a few months ago. Known for wine, pintxos (the region's apparently second to none tapas) and it's beautiful scenery. I was hankering to be placed in a city and I found out today that I'm moving to Bilbao!!

Image Credit: Cruising Excursions

What's the Deal with Chia Seeds?


It’s been a while since we talked about health food fads and my What’s the Deal with Kale? post seemed to go down quite well so here I present the deal with chia seeds. I’ve been pouring chia seeds onto everything at the moment and I thought it was about time I actually found out why I so stubbornly need them on my almond milk porridge, because we all know I like to have more than one fad on my plate.

Banana and chia seed pudding ft. Harper's Bazaar

Why do we Actually Clean Make-up Brushes?


I’ll level with you; until a few months ago I hardly ever cleaned my make-up brushes. Okay never, I never cleaned them. As a bid to be good and encourage myself to look after my brushes I bought myself the Real Techniques Core Collection. They are an absolute game changer and I’m still obsessed with them months on. AND I’ve even been keeping up with cleaning them. Usually. Especially as I now know why you actually do need to clean them.

Shopping and Tapas Wearing Unique Boutique


I recently got in touch with Unique Boutique London and was lucky enough to be asked to write a review for one of their items. I was sent a cute black and white co-ord that absolutely had to come to Bristol with me for shopping and tapas.

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