Have Yourself a Merry Lush Christmas: Event and Product Review

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

This November, we felt extremely lucky to be invited to a Lush press event, which showcased their Winter collection. Lush Exeter assistants: Elsa, Lucy, and Adam were fantastic hosts, and had a true zeal for the products and informed knowledge on Lush’s ethical sourcing which, for us, really gave the kaleidoscope of gorgeous bath bombs, creams, and gels a new value. We want to share all of our favourite items from the evening with you, and our new Lush knowledge.As all Lush lovers will agree, the sensation when you walk into a Lush shop is unlike any other. You are immediately hypnotised by the abundance of fun and feisty products, all of which possess a quirky name. No, you do not need a “Razzle Dazzle”but it sounds so cute that you should most definitely buy one. Walking in to check out the new collection was no exception. A group of giddy Lush-obsessed bloggers fawned over the bells and the sparkles and exclaimed which ones we had tried and which ones we wanted to before we settled down to listen to the experts. The collection is not what you might expect. Lush have discarded the typical Christmas tree greens and cinnamon reds this year and are making winter a little brighter. In all of the range you can find Pop Art colours, a fun change to the usual dark winter vibe. There are, of course, some classics in store again “The Magic of Christmas” wand and “Snow Fairy”,  will always be unbeatable, but there are some new products that really stood out for us.

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