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Friday, 21 March 2014

Sorry for not posting for a couple of weeks I’ve been super busy! I suddenly have so much work to do and I can’t wait to go home next week and chill out with some of mum’s top cooking.

I went to Bristol last weekend and had a fab time as usual. Bristol is a great place and bigger than Exeter so it’s always fun to get away. George and his mate Freddie DJ’d at Motion on Friday. The night started with me and Laura, one of G’s flatmates, vodka and coke and drinking games which was obviously hilarious. Motion itself is really cool, I’d totally recommend it if you’re ever in Bristol. I’d never seen George DJ before and I was actually so proud because I know it’s something he really loves and he’s so good at it. It was just a fun night and I loved getting the chance to see George and he bought us cheesy chips which is absolutely the only way to end any night out.

I stayed in bed for almost the entirety of Saturday and George made us bacon sandwiches and cups of tea. It was a really nice chilled day and then we finally ventured out on Sunday afternoon to go for a walk around the Downs. Spring is definitely here it’s actually sunglasses weather which makes me crazy happy. We went for tea at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and I had a bacon and cheese beef burger which was heaven and George got The Don which looked equally worldy.

On Monday George came down to Exeter and we went to see Bombay Bicycle Club with a couple of my friends, Alex and Em. Bombay are hands down amazing live. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I saw them at Leeds Fest a couple of years ago (the time I lost everyone and got caught in a mosh pit). They did not disappoint for the second time and I’d totally go and see them for a third. Their new album is gorgeous and I just love Jack Steadman’s voice. Nothing is better than seeing your favourite bands live, the energy is unbeatable.

Other than that I’ve just had my speaking exams and coursework on my plate. Only one week left of lectures though which is insanely scary. I’ve met the best people this year and I’m so bloody lucky.

You can listen to George’s music on Soundcloud here and here.

Harri Loves

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I've been looking for some unique online shops and recently stumbled upon Glitters For Dinner on Instagram. I absolutely had to share it with you as it is honestly adorable! They have a crazy amount of uber cute two pieces. Co-ords are really in and really fun as you can mix and match. They’re everywhere at the moment and I’ve seen some fab ones in Topshop and on ASOS. GFD’s are totally worth a bit of a splurge if you want to look like you’ve stepped right off the set of Clueless (and let’s face it who doesn’t.) They even have a yellow tartan co-ord which is just so Cher Horowitz it hurts.

Alongside the wonderful abundance of tartan Glitters For Dinner also have some kooky cheerleader-esque two pieces and vintage style dresses like the gorgeous gothic one in the collage above.

I feel like all their pieces are really quite a find and nineties fashion is dead cute in Spring/Summer. GFD is definitely a site worth checking out. Sheer Cher heaven.

GFD are on Bigcartel and Instagram.

Harri's Diary

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

This is a procrastination post as I had my Italian grammar exam this morning and it went terribly and I now can’t bring myself to start on my 1001 other assignments. I don’t even have much to tell you to be completely honest. I spent the majority of last week cooped up in the library eating strawberry laces and reading about Pronommi Idefiniti.

Last Saturday I was in the Dance Society’s annual show at the Barnfield Theatre which was heaps of fun. Jane and I were both in the contemporary class dance and Jane does tap as well which she is crazy good at. The show was named ‘A Step in Time’ so each class or dance squad was given a decade. We were the sixties and Kate (our dance teacher) choreographed a dance to Blackbird by The Beatles. It was actually really cute and involved a lot of spinning and arabesquing. The matinee show didn’t go completely as hoped as we didn’t realise the limited amount of space we’d have on stage which everyone struggled with. I actually walked into someone within the first twenty seconds of the dance which totally threw me and I then seemed to forget half of the routine. It was actually recorded so everyone can re-watch my foolery over and over again. The evening show went much more to plan, everyone remembered their steps and Kate told us she felt like a proud mum. It really was a great day I haven’t done any kind of performing in so long and being on stage really is so much fun. The competition squad performances were amazing and I’m really rooting for them all this weekend at the Loughborough competition.

Oh and my tickets for Bombay Bicycle Club arrived the other day and I am so excited. I saw them at Leeds Fest a couple of years ago and they were incredible (I did get kicked in the face but if you’re going to get kicked in the face I think amid a mosh pit listening to Always Like This is the best place for it to happen really). Also, Sarah has pledged that if she gets over 60% in our Italian grammar exam she will go skinny dipping in the Peter Chalk fountain on campus. I actually said I would if I get over 50% although I’m currently not sure if this is very likely anyway. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Or maybe not I’m not feeling a moonlit dip at Peter Chalk. 

Harri Loves

Saturday, 1 March 2014

(Starting top left to right)
Lace Frill Socks – Miss Selfridge – £3.50 (three pairs for£7)
MEGA Cut Out Buckle Boots – Topshop – £38
ASOS Holy Chic Watch – ASOS – £20
Green Tartan Box Top – Lavish Alice – £12
MOTO Grey Joni High Waisted Jeans – Topshop – £36
ASOS Cropped Blouse in Vintage Floral – ASOS – £25
Jersey Skirt – H&M – £7.99
Pull&Bear Patchwork Backpack – ASOS – £29.99
New Look Pound Wedge Sandals – ASOS – £22

I’m absolutely determined for the remainder of my loan to last until the end of term, but can I go another month without shopping? (Probably not).

I absolutely need a black midi skirt, I think they can really act as a staple piece, like these Topshop Joni jeans you can dress them up or down and wear them with just about anything. A floral crop shirt brings  black into spring and lace socks with cut out boots or even wedges really tie it all together. What's even better is that it's quite versatile, change up the top or add a few more accessories depending where you’re headed.

I apologise to my bank account for what is about to happen.

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